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What's New?


April 15

We at JupiterTV wish that you and your loved ones stay safe during this Global pandemic. Please follow all safety advice.

April 14

The New Website is up!!! Thanks to everyone for your support. Also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media links can be found on the Home Page or at the bottom of this page.

April 14

Offering a promotion for 2020. At checkout, enter promotion code DISTANCE and receive 1 month of Jupiter RED and BLUE for only $5.

February 6

HAPPY NEW YEAR AND CHINESE NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE. Best wishes in the year of the RAT. This year has started off great with two new apps being introduced. They will follow the IPTV smarters style and provide a simpler platform for playing all of your streams. You can find them on the google play store and they are compatible with all android devices including android TV Boxes.    and

New to the service? Get 1 month for $5.50 by using promo code ONEMONTH on checkout.


December 27

NEW APPS HAVE BEEN LAUNCHED!!!  The Filelinked store now includes two new Jupiter Red and Blue apps based on the popular IPTV smarters platform.

November 7

All has been restored. Jupiter Red and Blue services are growing and many countries will be re-activated soon. Jupiter Blue continues to add Video on Demand. The websites are working fine and the billing panel is active. Everything is Ops Normal. Thank you!

September 22

Unfortunately, Xtreme Codes, the group that runs the software used for our customers, has recently shut down. This has caused some problems with our system. The channels and movies are fine, but due to the closing, we are not able to accept new clients or extend trials. All current accounts remain unchanged. A work-around is already underway and we should be fully functional within the next week.

Introducing Jupiter Blue, Video on Demand service. This serves as a backup for Jupiter Red, our IPTV service. Jupiter Blue has over 8000 titles of on demand content as well as live tv options. 

June 02

Unfortunately, due to several abuses of the system, we have reluctantly decided to suspend all free trials. Trials will now cost only $2 for three (3) days. This is roughly $.66/day which is still a good deal. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

Jupiter Blue (VOD) is now live and available for purchase. All 1 year JupiterIPTV subscribers will receive 1 FREE MONTH of Neptune VOD  (Live TV / Adult Conent available on request at no extra charge).
1 year of Neptune VOD is $60/year ($30/year for current JupiterIPTV subscribers)
Neptune VOD makes a great backup to JupiterIPTV as it is housed on a different server.

BRAND NEW JupiterTV Android App is now available!! To download, point your devices web browser to or download the FIleLinked App and use Code: 47101663. If you don't have filelinked, type into your web browser and it should automatically install.

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